Terms & conditions

1. Application

Before applying for mediation of a practical training placement you should read and agree with the following terms, conditions and costs.

2. How it works

a)  Please complete and send the application form so that we have the necessary information to start the mediation process.

b) On receipt of your application form and documents we will contact you to discuss in more detail the possible placements that meet your requirements. After this consultation we will forward your details to the relevant training companies/hotels and will inform you directly as soon as we receive a response from each company.

c) Once the training company and you (the applicant) have both expressed agreement to go ahead, we will arrange the contracts. The contract is arranged with the training company and is sent to you the applicant.  Unless otherwise agreed the applicant has 3 days to decide whether to agree to the training contract or not. At the end of this term, if a contract has not been agreed,  the training placement will be released for other applicants.

d) The training placement is reserved for the applicant on receipt of the signed contract, invoice and payment of the €180 handling charge/deposit.  The contract is signed by all 3 contracting partners (Arco Largo, training period company, trainee) after arrival of the trainee to the placement site.

3. Program fees

640,00 €   1-2 Months
740,00 €   3-4 Months
840,00 €   5-6 Months
940,00 €   7-8 Months
1040,00 €  9-12 Months
All prices quoted include the handling charge/ deposit of €180

4. Payment terms

a) The cost of the handling charge is only incurred once the applicant as agreed the placement by means of the signed contract. The remaining balance must be transferred to the account of Arco Largo four weeks, at the latest, before commencement of the training period

5. Resignation and notice

a) Upto 4 weeks before beginning the training period, the applicant has the right to cancel the contract, only the handling charge will be with-held, as it is non-refundable.  Resignation within 4 weeks before the training period begins, a cancellation fee of 30% of the full amount is incurred, within 2 weeks 50%,  within 1 week 70%. The resignation from the training contract must be submitted in writing to Arco Largo.

b) Once the training period has commenced the preriod of notice required  (as a rule 1 month) is cited in the contract. The cost/mediation fee is non-refundable whether an applicant gives notice or if the the company cancels the contract.

c) If the training period is discontinued by the training company, Arco Largo will try to mediate between the applicant and the training company. If the mediation is not succesful, Arco Largo will decide whether or not an alternative training placement is offered to the trainee.

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